Fruit Smoothie Bowl


An upgrade of your ordinary fruit bowl, our Icelandic Provisions Fruit Smoothie bowl combines our fan – favorite Traditional Coconut skyr with some of your favorite everyday fruits.

Icelandic Provisions Coconut Traditional Skyr container (5.3 OZ.)
handfuls of Raspberries
Banana (whole)
Coconut flakes
slice of lime
Cup of ice cubes
Step 1
In a blender, place a cup of ice cubes, followed by a handful of raspberries and a banana. Top with about 2 – 3 dollops of our Icelandic Provisions Coconut Traditional Skyr. Blend until a silky, yet thick texture has formed.
Step 2
Pour mixture into a bowl.
Step 3
Take your two strawberries and cut each one into fourths.
Step 4
Next, take your Kiwi and slice into 6 individual slices.
Step 5
Then, cut your mango in half and continue to slice halved mango into 6 several pieces.
Step 6
Place pieces of fruit in bowl and sprinkle with coconut flakes all around.
Step 7
Squeeze lime over bowl for added taste.

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