Tropical Pineapple Skyr Boat


Bold tropical fruits and textural fantasies make this Pineapple Skyr boat one of a kind.

Based with our Traditional Coconut skyr, surprise your loved ones with a surprisingly delightful and daring fruit bowl twist.

Icelandic Provisions Coconut Traditional Skyr container (5.3 OZ.)
Pin Cherries
Step 1
Slice pineapple in half. Take halve and using an ice cream scooper, carve out trench from the bottom of the pineapple all the way to the top.
Step 2
Cut dragon fruit in half and peel off the skin. Proceed to cut dragon fruit pieces into squares.
Step 3
Fill trench with Icelandic Provisions Coconut Traditional Skyr.
Step 4
Place a few dragon fruit slices top and the remaining on the bottom. Accompany dragon fruit with star fruit, pin cherries and fig pieces.

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