Is Icelandic Provisions Skyr vegetarian-friendly?

Yes. Icelandic Provisions is made without the use of gelatin or other animal-based thickeners, and it is a good source of protein for those on vegetarian diets.

What is Skyr?

Skyr has been a provision of Icelanders for more than a thousand years. Although it’s often compared to yogurt, Skyr is distinct in several ways. Skyr is a densely concentrated, cultured dairy product that’s thick, creamy, and packed with protein. In fact, it takes nearly four cups of milk to make each cup of Skyr. Our Skyr is unique because it’s made with Original Skyr Cultures, which makes it the only authentic Icelandic Skyr in the US market.

Is your product made in Iceland?

We produce our Skyr in upstate New York using milk sourced from family-owned farms and heirloom Skyr cultures that originated in Iceland. And we continue to work with the oldest dairy cooperative in Iceland, MS Dairies, to maintain the heritage and quality of our Skyr—meaning it’s 100% authentic, even if it’s made here in the United States.

Is this the same Skyr I’ve purchased before?

We’ve given your favorite Skyr some fresh new packaging, but it’s still made by the same people with the same original recipe, and we hope you enjoy it just the same.

How does Skyr differ from yogurt?

It’s normal to compare Skyr to yogurt—they’re near each other in the grocery store, and they’re both thick and high in protein—but Skyr is not yogurt. Skyr has been a traditional dairy provision in Iceland for thousands of years and is made from its own unique Skyr cultures. Icelandic Provisions Skyr contains more protein and less sugar than the leading yogurts.*

*On average, our flavored varieties of Skyr are protein packed with 20% more protein and 30% less sugar than 5.3 oz of regular yogurt. With only 1.5% milk-fat and exceptional levels of calcium.

Does Icelandic Provisions Skyr contain GMOs?

No, Icelandic Provisions Skyr contains no GMO ingredients.

What is a cloudberry?

Cloudberries are rare and very special in the Nordic region. They are handpicked, gold in color and prized for their delicious sweet, baked-apple flavor.

Is Icelandic Provisions Skyr organic?

Icelandic Provisions is not certified organic, but not without reason. We are loyal to our dairy co-op of more than 700 family-run farms, all of which commit to feeding their cows a healthy diet with absolutely no growth hormones. All Icelandic Provisions products are made with natural ingredients and are free of any artificial sweeteners, colorings or preservatives.

What is a lingonberry?

Lingonberries are delightfully refreshing, sweet and tart—all in one bite. Found exclusively in the Nordic region, they are very popular throughout Scandinavia.

How soon after buying my Icelandic Provisions Skyr should it be eaten?

In general, we simply suggest enjoying it before the ‘Best Before’ date located on the bottom of our cup. If you can’t find the date, please contact us at hello@icelandicprovisions.com

Where can I find Icelandic Provisions Skyr in my town?

Visit the “Where To Buy” section of our website and enter your zip code to see if we’re in a store near you.

What is a bilberry?

Bilberries are traditional Nordic berries that grow throughout Iceland and taste like a juicier, more intensely flavored blueberry.

I’m lactose intolerant. Can I eat Icelandic Provisions Skyr?

While we can’t say for sure what’s best for you and your diet, many with lactose sensitivities are able to enjoy our Skyr. Our straining process removes 90% of the lactose, making it friendly to those with lactose intolerances.

Is Icelandic Provisions Skyr gluten-free?

Yes, skyr is gluten free, but the products are not yet certified gluten free.

What are Original Skyr Cultures?

Cultures are to Skyr as hops are to beer. The types of culture added determine its distinct texture and flavor. The Original Skyr Cultures used for Icelandic Provisions Skyr are particularly unique, given that they have been treasured and preserved in Iceland for hundreds of years. Our partnership with the oldest dairy cooperative in Iceland, MS Iceland Dairies, allows us to use these cultures and produce traditional Skyr, bringing you the original recipe.