Our Icelandic Spirit

Something happens when you eat Icelandic Provisions.

You get full. Not “I had a big plate of pasta and need to take a nap” full. Rather, sustained. Ready. Full of energy and opportunity.

Coincidentally, that’s pretty much the spirit of the Icelandic people, to a person. Strong. Optimistic. Dogged. And hearty.

We don’t give up. We say “on with the butter,” and we get up and try again.

So, you might say when you’re full of Icelandic Provisions, you’re also full of Iceland, body and soul. Because we make our Skyr the Icelandic way. Thick, and creamy. Full of protein, not sugar. So while your challenges might not be the same as an Icelander’s, that doesn’t mean you can’t face them with Icelandic spirit.