Icelandic Meets Mezze Plate


Want to add an Icelandic touch to your Middle Eastern inspired plate? Swap your dressing with our Traditional Plain skyr.

Icelandic Provisions Plain Traditional Skyr container (5.3 OZ.)
Yellow Peppers (or peppers of your choosing)
Hard Boiled Eggs
Pita Bread
Olive Oil
Step 1
Boil eggs in water for approximately 10 – 12 minutes on medium heat
Step 2
Take peppers and slice into thin pieces. Do the same with cucumbers.
Step 3
Cut pita bread into triangle pieces. Place pita, cucumbers, and pepper slices onto plate.
Step 4
Take scallions and slice into thin, paperlike pieces.
Step 5
In a small bowl, place an entire container of Icelandic Provisions Plain Traditional Skyr. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper.
Step 6
Finish by spreading scallion flakes across plate

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