Fruit & Nut Cherry & Almond Skyr Filled Crepes


Classic crepes but filled with Fruit & Nut Cherry & Almond Skyr!

1.25 cup
Whole Milk
1 tsp
Vanilla Extract
2 tsp
Orange Liqueur
1/8 tsp
Fine Sea Salt
3 tbsp
1 cup
All-Purpose Flour
4 tbsp
Unsalted Butter, melted
2 - 4.4 oz
Icelandic Provisions Fruit & Nut Cherry & Almond Skyr
Powdered Sugar
for serving
Toasted Almonds
for serving
Fresh Cherries
for serving
Step 1:
Combine the milk, eggs, vanilla, orange liqueur, sea salt, sugar, and flour in the carafe of a blender and blend until very smooth.
Step 2:
Heat a non-stick 8-10” nonstick skillet over medium heat. Brush the skillet with butter and using a 3 oz ladle, ladle the crepe batter into the skillet and swirl the pan to spread the batter. Cook for 2 min and then flip. Cook for another 1-2 minutes. Transfer to a plate and repeat with the remaining batter.
Step 3:
Spread the skyr on half of the crepe and fold into quarters. Lightly dust with powdered sugar and top with toasted almonds and fresh cherries. Enjoy!