A Creamy (Krímí) Tradition

Ask an Icelander about their favorite way to eat skyr and here’s what they’ll tell you: Take a bowl of plain skyr, add freshly foraged berries or a sprinkle of your favorite chocolate and a big glug of fresh cream from a jug.

What's in a Name?

Where does the name “Krímí” come from?

Is it Icelandic? Not technically, but we thought it was a lot easier to say than the actual Icelandic word for ‘creamy’—rjómalöguð—so we did what we often do with English words: we ‘Icelandicized’ it. And, so, Krímí (pronounced CREAMY) was born.

Krímí Skyr is available in four luscious flavors.

Chocolate Coconut

With the pairing of decadent chocolate and sweet coconut

Mixed Berry

With premium strawberries, blueberries, black currants, and raspberries

Strawberry Rhubarb

With sweet, ripe strawberries and delicious rhubarb

Vanilla Bean

With a delicious blend of premium vanilla extracts