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Full of Icelandic Tradition

Passed down through generations, Skyr is an Icelandic yogurt that’s sustained Icelanders for nearly 1,000 years. Developed in partnership with Iceland’s oldest farmer-owned dairy, Icelandic Provisions is the only Skyr made in the US that uses an original Icelandic recipe and heirloom Icelandic Skyr cultures. That’s what helps make it thick, creamy, and delicious.

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Skyr vs Yogurt

Skyr is often compared to yogurt, but three key differences set them apart:

The Cultures

Icelandic Provisions Skyr is made the Icelandic way, with heirloom cultures originating from Iceland. These centuries old cultures give Skyr a rich, creamy flavor, filling you with a bit of Iceland in every bite.

The Texture

Icelandic Provisions Skyr sits proud on your spoon. It takes nearly four cups of milk to make just one cup of Skyr, making our Skyr much thicker and more densely concentrated than yogurt.

The Nutrition

Every serving of Icelandic Provisions Skyr has up to 17g of protein, and 30% less sugar than the other flavored yogurts*. Filling you up, and sustaining you to take on life’s everyday challenges.

*On average, Icelandic Provisions Skyr contains 11 grams of sugar per flavored cup, which is at least 5 grams or 30% less than 5.3 ounces of ordinary flavored yogurts containing at least 16 grams of sugar.

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Why Skyr?

  • Protein Packed
  • Not a lot of sugar
  • Great Taste
  • Good Source of Calcium

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