Mind, Body, Skyr

Icelandic Provisions 7 Day Icelandic Wellness Challenge

Ahead of this holiday season, Icelandic Provisions, the skyr brand rooted in Icelandic culture, is on a mission to strengthen bodies and minds. They encourage you to take a page from the Icelandic lifestyle by embracing “Þetta reddast,” meaning “it will all work out ok.”

Icelandic Provisions has curated a 7 Day Icelandic Wellness Challenge in partnership with Icelandic wellness coach, Linda Petursdottir, meant to provide a holistic reset.

By pairing these rituals with a daily bowl of Icelandic Provisions skyr, each day you will hopefully feel a renewed sense of balance and fulfillment that you can take with you during this busy holiday season, and beyond.

There's a reason Icelanders are consistently ranked some of the happiest and healthiest people year after year. Put it to the test this year.

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Day 1: Mindset Reset

Kick off the week by thinking like an Icelander and eating like one, too. By resetting your mind and focusing on intention and gratitude (Þetta reddast!) , you'll reap mental and emotional benefits such as gaining a new perspective and focusing on the present, while increasing imagination and creativity.

Pair this with the Icelandic Provisions Traditional Skyr, — and eat it the way Amma (grandma) would serve it, with fresh berries and a drizzle of cream. Skyr has been a staple in Iceland for over a thousand years and is core to the region's diet.

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Day 2: Embracing The Elements

Icelanders believe, “There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!” Embracing the outdoors, no matter the time of the year, is extremely important in Icelandic culture.

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Get outside and get your body moving. Not only does getting fresh air release serotonin, but being in nature can restore and strengthen our mental capacities, increasing focus and attention.

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Icelandic Provisions Skyr suggestion: Strawberry & Lingonberry

Day 3: Fine Tune Your (Circadian) Rhythm

With limited sunlight in the winter, Icelanders never take it for granted. Get some morning — real or simulated — sunlight to optimize your circadian rhythm (internal body clock), regulate your body temperature and metabolism, and sleep better at night.

Get an extra boost with Icelandic Provisions Extra Creamy Cold Brew flavor, made in partnership with Te & Kaffi, a cult-favorite, Icelandic coffee roastery.

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Day 4: Shots! Shots! Shots! Of Cod Liver Oil, That Is.

As they say, “A shot of cod liver oil a day keeps the doctors away!” - or is that just what Icelanders say? Cod liver oil is believed to be Iceland's fountain of youth.

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One shot of cod liver oil provides daily requirements for Vitamin A and Vitamin D, it's rich in omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation, and can even improve immune function and joint pain. Wash it down with Icelandic Provisions Coconut Skyr as you strive for good gut health and digestion.

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Icelandic Provisions Skyr suggestion: Coconut

Day 5: Balance with a Cold Shower/Hot Sauna

Bathing in swimming pools, lagoons, and even the cold ocean is a huge part of Icelandic culture. Regardless of temperatures, Icelanders can be seen taking a dip year-round.

Try it yourself by taking a hot shower or basking in a sauna for 10 minutes, followed by 60 seconds of submerging yourself in cold water - the combo increases your blood flow which elevates heart rate, adrenaline, and the release of endorphins.

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Day 6: Enliven Your Senses

Transport yourself to Iceland with the feel of the Arctic. A Blue Lagoon mud mask and the spritz of Fischerund x 66 North “outside” scent will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Or use Icelandic Provisions plain Skyr to create your own mask at home. The lactic acid properties of Skyr help improve skin brightness and prevent dullness during this busy season.

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Icelandic Provisions Skyr suggestion: Wild Blueberry & Bilberry Ingredients for At-home Skyr Mask: Plain Skyr, Algae, Honey, Collagen Powder

Day 7: Kick Back with Social Connections

Icelanders thrive off their social connections - it's one of the secrets to a longer, happier life. They prioritize having fun or simply sharing an intentional, sit-down meal. Do the same with friends and family by hosting a game night or intimate dinner party with lots of skyr!

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Icelandic Provisions Skyr suggestion: Peach & Cloudberry

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