Áfram Ísland!

Go Iceland!

For centuries, Icelanders have been raised on protein-packed skyr. Now, our skyr is fueling our squad to make history. YOU can fuel them too, with your support.

As the smallest country ever in the World Cup, we need all the supporters we can get. So join us! Watch like an Icelander! Cheer like an Icelander! Eat like an Icelander! Stand up and say I AM AN ICELANDER!

Learn our Viking War Chant!

Pillaged from ancient Viking rituals, the chant can be heard a hemisphere away. Join the horde!

Step 1

Put down your skyr and raise your arms skyward.

Step 2

Choose a fellow Viking to bang the drum thunderously.

Step 3

Upon two beats, clap loudly and bellow “Húh!”

Step 4

Repeat faster and faster until reaching a frenzy.

Step 5

Watch opposing teams scurry away in fear.

Party Like an Icelander

D.I.Y. Viewing Party Kit

Can’t get to Reykjavík? Host your own Team Iceland viewing party. Get your decorations, flags, player masks and more! Just download, print, and be sure to share your pics.

Be Social


Tag your Instagram photos with #IAmAnIcelander to show your support!