Customer Operations Analyst


Icelandic Provisions is an early-stage growth company that provides essential nutrition rooted in the Nordic Food Philosophy.The flagship product, dairy Skyr, is the only authentic Icelandic Skyr brand in the United States that uses heirloom Skyr cultures and the original recipe that is beloved across Iceland.

The Nordic way of life is not only deeply rooted in the quality of the Icelandic Provisions’ products but runs deep in the organizational culture through the WÁOO (pronounced WOW!) values.When we are attracting talent to join our growing organization, a natural question we ask is whether the candidate brings the “wáoo” factor?We describe is as: Welcoming, Ámbitious, Optimistic, and On with the butter!

With a strong consumer and business base to build on, we are looking for product-obsessed, passionate individuals who are energized about rapid growth and achievement and want to be a part of the happy, healthy cultural movement that we are leading.We believe in putting best-in-class products in the market and take pride in what we are building, “making everything count” along the way.


The Customer Operations Analyst is the primary contact for the customer buying teams regarding the day-to-day business associated with our customers.They will be responsible for providing excellent customer service and maintaining strong professional relationships with customers and the internal sales team. They will professionally and promptly resolve customer questions and problems by thoroughly researching issues, identifying root causes, and offering solutions.

Additionally, this position will thoroughly vet and validate all customer orders. The Customer Operations Analyst will ensure customer orders are within expected levels as to not compromise on-shelf availability. Sales orders will be validated so that our risk of spoilage and reclaim is eliminated. Customers that fail to place orders will be followed up with to ascertain their reasoning.

The Customer Operations Analyst will provide key business insights regarding elements such as open sales orders, customer sales velocities, customer inventory levels and order fulfillment metrics. They will analyze key trends in order history in the context of the customer’s supply chain processes, to proactively identify and propose improvements to overall rolling demand volume forecast.


Primary responsibility is to manage the order life cycle from creation through delivery to ensure accurate pricing, terms of sales, lead-times, and inventory availability. Build and maintain accurate account profiles.

Communicate with customers by tracking orders and shipments, troubleshooting and responding to all other questions, inquiries and complaints in a timely fashion. Meet customer case-fill on time expectations.

Coordinate with Sales, Manufacturing, and Distribution to most efficiently resolve case-fill issues and other order discrepancies which could negatively impact the customer.

Collaborate with logistics and warehousing partners to ensure on-time delivery and receipt for all customers’ orders and inbound trucks.

Report on all key performance indicators such as on-time in-full deliveries, service performance, order accuracy, order lead time, warehouse inventory, reclaim, etc.

Work with customers on strategies to improve supply chain efficiencies and costs.

Provide customer information, forecasting metrics and service level/customer-case-fill on-time insights. Help identify trends, business drivers, and competitive issues for single customers and the industry alike.

Support the startup by performing ancillary office tasks as necessary.


Undergraduate bachelor’s degree required; degree in supply chain management, engineering or a related field is preferred

Minimum of 2 years of professional experience, including internships, preferably within supply chain (e.g., Planning, Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution)

High proficiency in Excel with an understanding of ERP systems

Ability to be successful in a start-up environment and build systems and processes from the “ground up”

Ability to coordinate across various internal and external cross functional teams

Strong people skills, process understanding and learning from experience. Ability to manage complex & time sensitive supply chain processes

Individuals should be highly motivated and be prepared to invest the necessary energy required to support a fast-paced start-up environment

Outstanding communication skills AND attention to detail

Desired: experience with FMCG Customer Operations


The ideal candidate for any role within Icelandic Provisions needs to align to the values by exemplifyingWÁOO (pronounced WOW!) in the way that they lead.We will naturally be assessing for the “wáoo” factor (i.e., did they “wáoo” you and will they “wáoo” others?)Here’s how we describe it:Welcoming, Ámbitious, Optimistic, On with the butter!

  1. WELCOMING - Food is one of the greatest connectors we have as humans. In the English language the word “companion,” in Spanish the word “companero,” in Italian the word “compagno,” and in French the word “copain” all come from the Latin meaning “with whom one eats bread.” We love this because we are a provisions company, and we value and embrace how food brings us together. So, it’s only natural that we look for talent that is hospitable and welcoming, treating and accepting others in a way that is consistent with the culture at IP.
  2. AMBITIOUS - We have big dreams. We are eager, brave, passionate and love to punch above our weight.We compete in one of the most competitive categories in the consumer-packaged goods retail landscape and we are a small and mighty team.We are seeking individuals who are smart, entrepreneurial, and energized by charging toward a common goal to join our team.
  3. OPTIMISTIC - We are a glass half full company. Iceland is regarded as one of the happiest countries on earth despite being dark for much of the year.We are looking for individuals who are focused on the upside, shy away from negativity, and know how to persevere no matter what the circumstances are.
  4. ON WITH THE BUTTER! - Put simply we do not like to dilly-dally.We connect dots, move, and then move on. There is an Icelandic phrase that is used to encourage people to get on with it called “áfram með smjörið” which literally translates as “get on with the butter.”We are seeking individuals who know how to make informed decisions and then quickly action them.


  • You think working in a fast paced, ever changing, entrepreneurial environment is exciting
  • You believe there is always a better way. You ask lots of questions, actively seek the opinions of others and love working collaboratively
  • You are a “Swiss Army Knife” of talents and are comfortable with the often fluid, changing environment of a startup and want to make a positive and lasting impact
  • The unknown, the ill-defined or the uncharted motivates you
  • You are looking for a work environment without a lot of hierarchy, you like empowerment and have a “roll up your sleeves” mentality
  • You have strong analytical skills balanced with a great sense of logic and pragmatism when it comes to problem solving
  • You are self-aware, you pay attention to organizational dynamics, and you are comfortable pacing how you influence and drive organizational change
  • You are both a doer and an optimist


  • Salary Range: $60,000 - $70,000, commensurate with education, skills and experience
  • Competitive benefits package including health, dental, vision insurance and 401k matching
  • Flexible paid time off allowing to manage your time as it works for you
  • Flexibility to work remotely or in our New York City offices
  • Exciting work environment in a small team and a great deal of autonomy
  • Delicious Skyr available (for free) in the office

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