Our Manifesto

Something happens when you eat Icelandic Provisions.

You get full. Not “I had a big plate of pasta and need to take a nap” full. Rather, sustained. Ready. Full of energy and opportunity.

Coincidentally, that’s pretty much the spirit of the Icelandic people, to a person. Strong. Optimistic. Dogged. And hearty.

We don’t give up. We say “on with the butter,” and we get up and try again.

So, you might say when you’re full of Icelandic Provisions, you’re also full of Iceland, body and soul. Because we make our Skyr the Icelandic way. Thick, and creamy. Full of protein, not sugar. So while your challenges might not be the same as an Icelander’s, that doesn’t mean you can’t face them with Icelandic spirit.



Using the same recipes and cultures that have endured through the centuries, nourishing Icelanders since the days of the Vikings, Icelandic Provisions brings traditional Icelandic Skyr to the United States. It’s high in protein, low in sugar — and it’s rich, creamy and delicious.

01 Essential We are committed to creating products where every ingredient counts and are free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.
02 Hearty & Delicious Our goal is to create delicious food rich in flavor, texture, and sustenance to help you take on life, one bite at a time.

Our Food Philosophy

At Icelandic Provisions, everything we make is guided and inspired by the wondrous place that is Iceland. Our Food Philosophy follows a set of guidelines inspired by Nordic food philosophy, by which we create products that are as wholesome and filling as they are delicious. With our products, we strive to equip you to be ready to take on life’s everyday challenges. We are committed
to creating food that is:

03 Icelandic at Heart We strive to give you a generous helping of Iceland with pure and simple food, that are rooted in Icelandic traditions.
04 Nourishing We will always make every nutrient count. We will make a point of knowing everything about the nutritional value and impact of the ingredients we include. We will always try to pack as much nutrition as we can into every gram.

Our Story

Through their multiple visits to Iceland over 20 years, Americans Jon Flint, Terry McGuire, and Gregg Rubin fell in love with Skyr. They loved how it sustained them through their adventures, while exploring Iceland’s dramatic landscapes and unique culture. The partners ate a lot of Skyr (for breakfast, lunch, and as a post-workout protein) and were convinced they needed to bring it to the US. But would only do so if they could bring the original, authentic Icelandic recipe and cultures.


So in 2013, they decided to meet MS Iceland Dairies, the oldest and largest farm cooperative in Iceland, and talk about introducing this unique product to the United States.

Today, Icelandic Provisions is co-owned by MS Iceland Dairies. Under the mentorship of their Skyr-masters, we ensure every cup of Icelandic Provisions Skyr is made the Icelandic way: Thick, creamy and delicious.