Born in Iceland – skyr was created out of the need for a nourishing provision.


From Vikings to Modern-Day Icelanders

Rich in protein, skyr was relied on by the Viking explorers that settled Iceland and then their descendents – the farmers of this isolated, protected land. Living just below the Arctic Circle, they relied on skyr’s nourishment for hundreds of years. Today, skyr is even enjoyed for dessert, with a naughty splash of cream. It’s a staple in Icelanders’ daily meals and proudly claims its place as the national food of Iceland.


The Dairy We Come From

Co-founded by MS Iceland Dairies, the largest and oldest dairy in Iceland, our product is rooted in the principles of a cooperative that includes over 600 Icelandic family farms and milk producers. MS has been producing authentic skyr and Icelandic dairy products since 1927, building on recipes and dairy cultures handed down by its farmers and their families. With MS as our partner and largest Icelandic shareholder, Icelandic Provisions brings the only authentic skyr – made with original, Heirloom Skyr Cultures – to North America.


Our Food Philosophy

We are committed to creating food that is:


Here at Icelandic Provisions, we will always make every single nutrient count. We will make a point of knowing everything about the nutritional value and impact of the ingredients we include. We will always try to pack as much nutrition into every gram as we can.


We are a provisions company and we take that seriously. That’s why we are committed to creating products that are necessary, not capricious. Staples, not nice-to-haves. Things that you will want to have on hand at all times.


We strive to always be mindful of the direct and indirect impact that our food and its production has on you, our consumers, and the world.


‘Boring’ is not an ingredient we include, neither in the Icelandic Provisions’ culture nor our product. We always want to make sure that the food we make is interesting or helps illuminate an ingredient or technique that not many know about.